Vegetable tanned leather handbags and wallets. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Ben & Rosie

TINCT is a brother and sister run leather goods label. By good fortune these siblings share a vision of what constitutes great style – an appreciation of high quality British craftsmanship, combined with a dash of understated originality. It is these qualities which have led to the birth of the brand. The debut pieces are a selection of beautifully refined vegetable tanned leather handbags and wallets, all made here in the UK. A pebble’s throw from the sea, the TINCT studio on the South coast of England reflects an integrity of simplicity, design and personality that says much about these sibling’s approach to running a business.

Leather & Manufacturing

TINCT handbags and wallets are manufactured using Italian vegetable tanned leather sourced south-west of Florence. The raw hides come from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium all of which are known to have high ethical farming standards, meaning the leather is of the highest condition when it reaches the tannery for processing.

Vegetable tanned means dyed using extracts from plants. We favour this process as we know that alternative harsh chemical processing will one day come back to bite us. It also means we can provide you with a product that with a little TLC, will last you a lifetime.

We proudly manufacture all our items here in the UK, working closely with our factory in Somerset.