TINCT is the colourful third sibling to Rosie & Ben Broad.
It is, first and foremost, a British-made leather goods brand harking from the South Coast of England, but as well as designing beautiful products the siblings also share an outlook on life, and lifestyle. The principals of Colour, Candour, and Character fuel everything they do; from the products they design and the packaging they use, to the way they work with partners and run their business. Established in 2015 TINCT has been championing local manufacturing, unparalleled materials and the cunning use of colour, ever since. Rosie is the creative lead, a self-taught design talent with an eye for colour. Ben is the business mind, and maker-of-things-happen-er. Whisky; studio hound and mascot at large is TINCT’s universal source of merriment and distraction.
Leather & Manufacturing
TINCT handbags and wallets are manufactured using Italian vegetable tanned leather sourced South-West of Florence. The raw hides come from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium all of which are known to have high ethical farming standards, meaning the leather is of the highest condition when it reaches the tannery for processing.
Vegetable tanned means dyed using extracts from plants. We favour this process as we know that alternative harsh chemical processing will one day come back to bite us. It also means we can provide you with a product that with a little TLC, will last you a lifetime.
We proudly manufacture all our items here in the UK, working closely with factories London and Somerset.


The full TINCT collection is available wholesale to retailers and other partners. If you like what you see and would like to stock TINCT in your shop, please email rosie@tinct-uk.com to start the conversation.


Vegetable tanned leather is a wonderful material that should be embraced in every stage of its life. Try to think of it as a living material, affected in a similar way to our own skin when exposed to the elements. In the sunshine it will darken and tan, sometimes it might get dehydrated. When it’s exposed to rain it will get wet and mark, but leave it to dry naturally and it will. If you want to give your product a bit of love, use a soft brush to gently swipe away dirt, especially in areas it can gather – around stitching and handles. Then with a leather balm, sparingly rub all over with clean fingers or a sponge. Wipe away any excess and leave your bag to absorb for 24 hours.


For sales and general enquiries: contact@tinct-uk.com

Registered address:
TINCT Handbags Ltd.
9 Donnington Park,
85 Birdham Road,
West Sussex,
PO20 7AJ

Company number 09495546.