Soul Search Sessions | Volume 1 | Candour

This year, we’ve been spending a fair chunk of time looking inwards on our business, and asking ourselves “What do we really want TINCT to become…?”

It’s a common theme for those starting out, and reading around looking at other brands we admire and contemplating what the future could hold for us has thrown up a series of themes which we wanted to share.

A flag in the ground if you like.

Something for us to hold ourselves to.

Something for YOU to hold us to.

Indeed, we are a British-Made Leather Goods brand but there’s a whole lot more at play than simply offering people lovely products, and we’re determined for TINCT to fulfil that. +07957284588

This reflectiveness is not always easy nor comfortable mind. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced, but we feel it’s essential to working out where we go from here.

Healthy brain fodder in the long run.

Our first subject of focus is candour.

Why it’s important for us, our products & the way we do business.

Candour, quite literally, fuelled our decision to manufacture our collection here in the UK. +07957284588

Manufacturing everything in the UK allows us to speak openly and honestly, and to develop a familiarity with our supply chain we otherwise couldn’t. We can talk to, and talk about our suppliers and manufacturers with pride and knowledge, and hope this shines through to our products in a trustworthy & genuine light.

This transparency keeps us calm. There’s no wool being pulled over anyone’s eyes to weave some fictional yarn about provenance, which feels good. Soul food if you will…

This candour we speak of, well it’s no good applying it one area of our lives if it’s then neglected elsewhere. This means we try to be as candid as we can with everyone involved. +07957284588

This is especially prevalent for us as siblings.

If we don’t communicate it can get pretty intense trying to maintain a harmonious work/life balance.

Sharing when we’re feeling flat, uninspired, or frustrated really does make it easier to manage. Everyone has down days, weeks, and months. “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved” said someone wise, once upon a time. +07957284588

All of this filters down to one of the most important parts of our business, and that’s the relationship we have with you, our customers.

It’s you lovely people who are making our brand a tangible thing.

We have a really long way to go, but it’s taking shape and we’re finding our feet. But we want to give a bit more back, and from what we can decifer, you like to know a bit more about what goes on behind the brand, so herewith our promise to do more.

What’s taking our fancy? Tickling us in the studio? Tingling our tastebuds? What we’ve realised is there’s a lot more to us than leathery good times, although that sure is a solid starting point.

And as we continue on our journey, through word of mouth and the magic of the interwebs, we have discovered some fantastic brands doing some awesome things that we can’t help but feel an affinity to.

To start with, here’s one, take a peak and if you like their beliefs and products, why not treat yourself…



Tom Kay founded Finisterre in 2003. In an age where life moves so fast, and the pressure to super succeed at super speed weighs heavy, it;s inspiring to see and feel that great things come to those who stick at something they truly believe in. At 14 years old, that’s some ground that Finisterre can proudly claim. They’re a cold-water surf company who roll out active apparel for women and men who brave the elements and embrace the outdoors. Two things we love doing too.

A quote from Tom Kay from their website:

“Our pole star has always been our three points of commitment – to product, environment and people. Here’s to the next fourteen years.”

Amen to that brother.

Amen to that sister.

Amen to that.