Living The Good Life – The Good Life Experience

We bloomin’ love a festival here at TINCT HQ.

The whole experience is one worth having, and one that if you allow, can shape your year for things to come. A truly life affirming festival can determine what bands you’ll be looking out for, which food you’ll be craving, which hobbies you’ll be taking up and which friends you’ll be cherishing – new and old!

There really is nothing quite like it, and the UK serves up quite the selection box to choose from.

A festival that we’ll be appearing at, leather goods and embossing machine at the ready, is The Good Life Experience, based in Wales. This is our guide for those planning to attend. We’d love to see you so do swing by and say hello.


The Details:

Date: 15-17th September 2017

Location: Harwarden Estate Farm Shop, Chester Road, Harwarden, Flintshire, CH5 3FB

Theme: ‘Fun and discovery with music, books, food and the great outdoors”

Reasons to attend (A few of the many!):

The Good Life Experience offers something totally unique. This is a festival of warmth, bubbly good nature, a hub of culture. There is music, of course, but there is much much more to indulge your senses with. A vintage fairground, magical and whimsical and filled with wonder. Tai Chi and yoga, axe throwing and archery, crafts and books and creativity. The Good Life features outdoor feasts whipped up by a medley of magnificent chefs, small brand spotlights (woop!) and mind expanding discussions. It’s a place where strangers become friends, and a place that encourages the participation of our four legged friends. We wholeheartedly approve.


There is a simple campsite, five minutes from the festival. Pre pitched canvas bell tents, complete with lamps and camp beds, if you so wish. Hotels are nearby too. Or perhaps you have a wagon? Purchase a vehicle pass and just drive your van straight in. If you choose to camp, your dog is invited to join as well.

Our Favourite Summary:

“If Willy Wonka had married Liv Tyler and run away with the circus, then after a lifetime of beauty, craziness and brilliance they had gathered all their loved ones and dogs and children from a celebration of life with luscious food, the smell of perfume and wood smoke, and linked arms for an almighty hoedown, then it’d pale in comparison to The Good Life Experience”

Tom Herbert, Hobbs House Bakery.


TINCT will be there, exhibiting, selling our wares as well as providing customisation. And you might catch us dancing the night away into the early ours, before foraging for some leftover truffles & collapsing into the safari tent.


For the full festival low-down check out: