The people of TINCT – Lu Salaman

Next on the rosta of lovely TINCT folk is Lu Salaman. Lu has an ever growing collection of beautiful TINCT pieces, and has been a keen supporter of our little brand from day one. Here’s to Lu and her love for leather! She keeps us fuelled and inspired with her adoration for wholesome and nutritious food, a passion that she explores everyday at work and at home.

1 – Tell us a bit about yourself, your day to day life, rituals, routines & work.

My world revolves around food, I work in Children’s food as a Nutritionist and Development Chef and at the end of the day I come home and relax by cooking. I love to eat all the time, especially with as many people as possible crowded round our kitchen table. I try my hand at Yoga most weeks, a run every so often to clear my head but then I just start to think about food again.

2 – What three things do you value the most in life? This could be anything from people to places to possessions or philosophies .

Our kitchen table, my pals and family, optimism.

3 – Where is your favourite place on this planet?

Where I have been happiest might be a tiny Island off the coast of Borneo called Nabucco, we had a magic holiday there a few years ago and it was the icing the cake. Or maybe Glastonbury. Or anywhere on the Jurassic Coast.

4 – When you’re cooking for friends, what’s your go to recipe?

I get bored easily with anything so I rarely repeat recipes, hence my extensive collection of cookery books. Currently, it is whole trout stuffed with walnuts and pomegranate cooked on the BBQ with a green salad and creamy saffron pasta with broad beans.

5 – What TINCT piece do you own, and what do you treasure most about it?

My most treasured TINCT is my Aragosta Shopper, it was given to me as an anniversary present which was pretty ace, but the thing I love most is the colour. Bright, and completely beautifully orange. It gets love and attention wherever it goes.