The people of TINCT – Samuel Moppett

First up we have the wonderful man that is Samuel Moppett. We love Moppett. He’s patiently and generously helped us with many aspects of online TINCT, and is the man who has injected that character into TINCT’s presence with our beautiful look book, bright flyers, promotional posters and bar menus. Anything we throw his way, he conquers like a total champ, always above and beyond what we had imagined ourselves.

Not only a design extraordinaire, he’s also a food fanatic, and last year released the first issue of Pasture magazine. A beautifully curated and executed journal going behind our plates and exploring the environment, people and products.

1 – Tell us a little about yourself, your day to day life. Rituals, routines & work life.

An outside guy working inside. Must sort that out one day; from the forest, cycle to the city, ponder a lot and make visual and moving things look ok and obsess over food.

2 – What three things do you value the most in life? This could be anything from people to places, to possession or philosophies.

My wife. Harry Potter (Magic in general but none of that Paul Daniels hanky panky) and researchers/ journalists like Daniel Jurafsky or Michael Pollan shaking up the food industry through academia and insights.

3 – Where is your favourite place on this planet?

Top deck, out at sea, on a small bouy, in the early morning (It could be any sea…)

4 – When you’re cooking for friends, whats your go to recipe?

More like go to produce, whatever is fresh and in the season. Then the guests become guinea-pigs. It’s rather fun.

5 – What TINCT piece do you own, and what do you treasure most about it?

Aragosta Corner Zip Wallet. The colour (though the pencil for note taking has become a best friend too) is bloody awesome, I think the quality and practicality make me feel more organised when I honestly am not.