Worn & Adored

We know our products, and they look best when they’ve had a real good love in with their owners. Once they’ve travelled a bit, gained a bit of belly and mellowed in to themselves. Developed that shine and experienced a few things to start wearing their scars proudly. It may be predominantly pockets that they’ve experienced, but thats beside the point.

To put them in context we hosted a balmy afternoon lunch and invited a few old TINCT favourites, along with their owners and dogs to crack open a few cold ones and feast with us. Our wonderful friend Tom  (different to the last wonderful friend Tom who captured our previous campaign!) documented the day, and we are totally in love with the results.

When people come together, great things can happen. Even on the small scale of making lunch together. People choppin’ and crushin’ and mashin’ and charrin’, to then sit down and enjoy their combined efforts together. It’s contentment and satisfaction at it’s most basic.

Whilst Ben was manning the flames we seized the opportunity to take some portraits. You might recognise a few familiar faces from campaigns past, a bump thats now a little human (welcome Monty!) and another bump holding new faces of the future. Mother Nature, you’re magic.

We’ll be asking some TINCT fans a bit about themselves and their lives in upcoming posts, so watch this space.